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Official Rules for the 2014 Raffle are posted below the prizes.

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• Prize drawing will be held on May 12 2014 at the Natchez Arts Festival, Natchez MS.The deadline to purchase an entry is the day of the giveaway; all entries and payments must be received by said date. Prize will be awarded regardless of the number of tickets sold. The odds of winning will vary based on the number of tickets sold.

• This entry represents a chance to win the opportunity to accept an offer of the stated prizes under terms and conditions set forth below and the “Winners Notification Agreement” the terms of which are hereby incorporated by reference within.

• Winner agrees to accept prize “as is” with absolutely no express or implied warranties given by The Natchez Arts Festival.

• The winner will be sent a “Winner Notification Agreement” by certified, return receipt U.S. mail. The winner will have seven (7) days from the date of their receipt of the Winner Notification Agreement to accept the gift by executing and returning the Winner Notification Agreement pursuant to the terms stated herein. Failure to execute and return the Winner Notification Agreement and accept the prize “as is”, timely and pursuant to the terms stated therein, will automatically result in forfeiture of the prize, with no substitution or alternative prize available to said original winner. The prize, at that point, will be offered to the next runner-up, and the prize will be awarded to such runner-up that accepts the prize pursuant to all terms and conditions.

• Except where specifically stated, prizes may not be substituted or exchanged.

• The $20 donation entry price is not tax deductible for federal or state income tax purposes. All sales are final and non-refundable. The Natchez Arts Festival assumes no responsibility lost, late, misdirected or non delivered mail. All defective or incorrect entries are disqualified.

• Participants must be 18 years of age or older.

• Access to prizes by winner will be restricted until fully and unconditionally accepted by the winner on terms and conditions set forth herein and in the Winner Notification Agreement and complete delivery is made to the winner. All prizes remain the sole property of The Natchez Arts Festival until unconditionally accepted “as is” by the winner.

The Natchez Arts Festival reserve the right to use the names, pictures, video images and relevant quotes of the winner.